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Manufacturers contacts in North America

Jesow (new manufacturer of the “SmyK” PW5 model, and PW6): Contact: Charles Yeates, Halifax, N.S.

DELTA (manufacturer of the B1-PW5 model):
Contact: Rafal Mikke.

PW-5 Owners

From Members

Michael Westbrook's final glider chart (pdf 400k). Print it out, laminate it
and stick it in your PW-5. Even if you have a fancy electronic gizmo,
technology has a habit of failing!

FAI Definition of the World Class PW5 glider

This document contains copies of the relevant pages of Section 3 (Gliding) of
the FAI Sporting Code (Paragraph 7.7.5 and Appendix 1 of Annex A) that define
the World Class as an official FAI Class for record flights and official FAI
championships, and describe the official configuration of the PW5 as the
glider of the World Class. Both Section 3 and its Annex A of the FAI Sporting Code
can be found on the FAI Website under the "Gliding" sections.

Download document (pdf, 250k)

Making a McCready Ring download (pdf)

TE Probe

In his very good article published in the April 1998 issue of Soaring magazine, Dick Johnson
described how to build a low-cost, reliable TE probe for the PW5, based on an earlier study and design by Oran Nicks. This article describes an easy-to-perform modification to make this probe removable and thereby less prone to damage during storage and transport. It also describes an easy method to test a TE probe after installing it. (more - pdf)

PW5 on display at a local airshow
My PW5 on display at a local airshow. j wren

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