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The World Class Soaring Association (WCSA) can be contacted at:
WCSA, 4917 West Summit Circle, Knoxville, TN 37919

WCSA's mission is to promote the sport of Soaring, with particular emphasis on the low-cost, monotype, Olympics-bound World Class (see Section on History of the World Class) and Youth support programs.

WCSA is a non-profit organization, operated solely through donations and volunteer time. All donations to WCSA are tax-deductible.

WCSA also is a division of the Soaring Society of America (SSA). A wide range of soaring-related information about Soaring can be found on SSA's Website at

Members of WCSA's Board of Directors and Officers are:

Fran├žois Pin, Knoxville, TN - President
Gary Petersen, Napa, CA - Vice-president
Arthur Kover, Philadelphia, PA - Treas/Secr.
Frank Reid, Jefferson, SC
Bill Snead, Georgetown, TX
Conrad Suechting, Marietta, GA
Charles Yeates, Halifax, NS, Canada
John Duprey, Monument, CO

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