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A finisher squeaks over the sunflower field for a direct landing and good finish at the 2006 World Gliding Championship of the World Class in Vinon, France. See all results and more photos at:

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New manufacturers  

PZL-Swidnick, the original manufacturer of the “Smyk” version of the PW5 had announced their intent to transfer their production activities to a new manufacturer. In 2006, the glider factory “Jesow” received the Type Certificates issued by EASA for the PW-5 and PW-6U gliders and is now the new manufacturer of the “Smyk” version for the top rated vaporizer pen. See their site: or contact their North American dealer at

The manufacturer of the B1-PW5 (initially Bielsko-1) is officially now: “DELTA,” and is continuing production and support of the B1 version (including two new B1 augmenting the USA fleet this winter). Contact:


Fuselage-Lifting Dolly

Several people have asked me about my fuselage-lifting dolly so I wrote an article with a few photos. (more - pdf)



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Winter 2006-07

It has been a long time since I found the time to write this semi-regular PW5 News e-mail, so let me take this opportunity to send my best wishes to all of you for a wonderful New Year 2007, filled with joys, success, and good health… and many happy and safe flights.:. (more)
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The 2006 US World Class National Championship, held in Marfa, Texas, brought a variety of weather, from fabulous to “dodge the storms.” Seven contest days, the legendary World Class camaraderie, and the best crew in the World, made it a memorable event for all who attended. See the day-by-day results. or the two very nice reports written by Rick Sheppe <WCNat06.pdf> and Jean-Claude Hauchecorne <MarfaTexas.pdf>

If you want to fly the Big Sky out West, you better have a great crew. Here is some of the “Best Crew in the World” (note smiling faces despite gloomy skies) who made Marfa such a delightful event of the 2006 season. From right to left: Ann Byrd, Mimi McKnight, Audrey Temes, Dottie Pin, Nancy Snead, Charlie Spratt, Frank Reid (ask him about what to do when Jayne had to land on the only highway around), and standing over the crowd, Henry Snyder pondering about why all the smiling faces given the weather forecast…

1st America’s Cup
World Class

Am Cup 3 (pdf)


Upcoming World Class contests:

2007 US World Class National Championship: Chilhowee Gliderport, in Benton, TN. May 1-10, 2007.

Other upcoming International World Class contests

New Zealand 2007 World Class National Championship, Matamata, NZ,
January 30 – February 10, 2007.

Second International World Class Championships of Poland,
Suwalki, Poland, June 29 - July 07, 2007

2007 Pre-World Championship and second Italian National World Class Contest,
Rieti, Italy, July 5-15, 2007. (contact National Team Committee, as entries are limited).

2007 European Gliding Championship - World Class, Pociunai, Lithuania,
August 02–19, 2007. Contact:

2008: 6th FAI World Championship of the World Class: Rieti, Italy,
July 27- August 10, 2008.
See more info info on the SSA US Teams webpage:

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